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"...easy to use and very affordable online reservation system for car rental companies of any sizes..."

MCH eRentCar is a web-based reservation system which allows customers to book and pay for car rentals on the Internet, quickly and efficiently with immediate or via e-mail confirmation. This robust and easy to use application was built using the latest internet technology (Microsoft .NET and SQL 2005) and is capable of working in multiple languages and with different forms of payment (online and offline).

eRentCar works great for companies with a small fleet as well as for companies with larger fleets and multiple offices

Thanks to its simple and user friendly interface you can configure and start running your car rental business online in a very short time. Only a computer with internet connection is required. eRentCar can be easily incorporated to an existing website or can run on separate site with a customized corporate branding.

Some of the key features of eRentCar are:

  • Multi-language and Multi-currency support.
  • Customizable auto responders in different languages.
  • Unlimited pick-up and drop-off locations.
  • Customizable fees for different locations.
  • Unlimited Number of Classes and Seasons.
  • Instant reservation confirmation number.
  • Set up your regular and special prices anywhere.
  • Automatic daily site and database backup
  • 256-bit SSL encryption enabled (Secure Server).
  • And much more…

Most important, eRentCar is extremely affordable. We offer this solution for purchase or leasing or as combination of both.

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