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“…the ideal solution for merchants who need to have a simple and unified transaction management application for their ecommerce sites…”

With the sudden growth of eCommerce many companies are dealing with a common scenario: having multiple transactional sites working with multiple currencies, methods of payments and internet merchant accounts. This situation makes it really complicated for their accounting department to complete their duties every month and almost impossible for the decision makers to have a clear and instant picture of the overall ecommerce business.

eProcessor is a web-based transaction management application that allows you to easily monitor and be in control of all the transactions generated by one or multiple sites using different methods of payments. From its secure and very user friendly interface you can see the complete list of transactions for a desired period of time. A powerful search tool allows you to quickly track information about any transaction by merchant or site name, customer name, transaction date, payment status, transaction number or order amount. Click on a transaction and you can now see all the details of such transaction and even make a full refund or create a credit.

As every Payment Processor charges a different set of fees for their services, eProcessor has been designed to allow you to customize these charges for each of your accounts. You can also define your own ongoing fees when working with partners, affiliates or commission based agents. At the end of each month, eProcessor automatically generates an Account Statement with all the information you need to reconcile your books. Optionally, you can download transaction details as a file, which you can import into a spreadsheet.

eProcessor will also save your IT staff lots of time as the difficult task to integrate your site(s) to different Payment Processors, such as: Internet Merchant Account providers, PayPal, Google Checkout, eCheck, COD, etc., is now eliminated. You connect all your sites to eProcessor using our easy to implement API and we take care of the rest.

Your payment pages (which can be fully customized with your information) are hosted on our HTTPS servers, which use the most advanced SSL encryption. Transactions are therefore secure and reliable - and in addition, you don't have the worry of dealing with the security of credit card details on your own server.

Summary of eProcessor benefits:

  • Unlimited Number of Stores
  • Multiple Currencies Support
  • Multiple Internet Merchant Account Providers
  • PayPal Support
  • Google Checkout Support
  • eCheck and eDebit Support
  • Advanced Security Features
  • Secure Online Operations (SSL)
  • Basic and Custom Reports Enabled
  • Multiple Levels of Users

To learn more about eProcessor or to arrange a time to see a demo, please contact us at:

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