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"A team of talented and passionate individuals who are very reliable and easy to work with, a rare commodity in this industry today..."

Our Mission is to employ and perfect the best of marketing, strategic and technical skills to develop the most innovative e-business solutions.

MCH Solutions TeamMCH's results-oriented team is composed of highly skilled, experienced and educated business analysts, application developers, graphic designers, software engineers, project managers and technical communicators. MCH also works with an extensive range of independent specialists who bring an added depth and breadth to the services we offer.

The MCH team has extensive experience working with large enterprises as well as small and medium sized businesses.  We are experts at identifying customer needs and proposing the right solutions at reasonable costs. Our project managers will ensure that every project is completed on schedule with 100% customer satisfaction.

We have been using diverse technologies and platforms to deliver effective solutions. The most commonly used technologies have been from Microsoft, Sun, Oracle and Adobe. These include .Net, VB, ASP, COM/ COM+, SQL Server, MTS, J2EE, JSP, Struts, MySQL, Oracle 8i/ 9i, Oracle DB, etc.

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